Wednesday, February 17, 2010


I just found out I can get on Blogger at school!! YAY! That means more posting for me!

So How is everyone?

I'm doing pretty good. Sent off my first application for college!! YAY! And I now have a job! Yesterday was my first day! It went pretty well. For an athlete I sure cant stand for a long time. I was so tired. lol I had to sweep first thing when I got there and then I diced tomatoes for what seemed like eternity and then I got to finally make stuff. By the way I worked at the Dairy Queen in Port Neches. But yea i'm doing good. Going to see the lawyer today!! And getting my hair cut! Well just a little. Hope everyone else is good.

Peace :)


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I'm Jordi, I am who I am, God is the most important thing in my life