Wednesday, February 17, 2010


I just found out I can get on Blogger at school!! YAY! That means more posting for me!

So How is everyone?

I'm doing pretty good. Sent off my first application for college!! YAY! And I now have a job! Yesterday was my first day! It went pretty well. For an athlete I sure cant stand for a long time. I was so tired. lol I had to sweep first thing when I got there and then I diced tomatoes for what seemed like eternity and then I got to finally make stuff. By the way I worked at the Dairy Queen in Port Neches. But yea i'm doing good. Going to see the lawyer today!! And getting my hair cut! Well just a little. Hope everyone else is good.

Peace :)


Saturday, October 24, 2009

God is so Awesome

Hey I'm so sorry I haven't got to post in a while. Alot has been going on, andwhen I say alot I mean it. First I'm no longer living with my "brother" better yet that family doesn't even have custody of me anymore as of FRIDAY THE 23 OF OCTOBER!g!! Long story short, my brother left bruies on me the school saw them called CPS, CPS came and they also talked to Jason so he was mad so I basically "ran away" I had a pricipal even tell me that would be the best thingto do. I mean I didnt go to the middle of no where,I was safe, my coach wanted me to leave also because Jason has taken me and dropped me off in Port Arthur before so I know that it could happen, and I heard him say something about it. So needless to say I left while they werent there. So I have this girl that I play volleyball will that has a aunt that is a lawyer. I talked with her for a while that night, I thought it would be over till at least the next day but it wasn't. Jason somehow got the number to where I was and he tried to get the address but we wouldnt give it to him. We ended up at the police station and lets just say it was by far the worst night of my life. We stayed there 3:00 in the morning! I heard some crazy stuff that night, lets see, first Jason and John tried sending me to jail, then I said I needed to go to a mental hospital, and just alot of other crazy things. Now we are going to skip forward.....than night ended I didn't have to go with them (all thanks to the lawyer)

Ok I my mom has a sister named Vickie, therefor she is my Aunt and her daughter would be my cousin. Few days went by lots of CPS and talking to random people I dont know and I finally get told that I am going to be staying with my Cousins Misti and Will Beasley. So I do. Finally October 23 the day for court comes and Misti and Will are granted custody and my car and the rest of my checks, the only bad thing that happened is that Jason and Geri claim that there is NOTHING left of the 20,000 dollar check. I don't beleive it, no one does but its all good, I'm grateful that I get to live with this amazing family that supports me and isn't afraid to say I love you but the biggest thing for me is they treat me like family.

For once in my life I feel like I belong. I have longed so much for this feeling and for it to finally feel right is the most amazing thing that has ever happened to me. I know life isnt always going to be just perfect here and there will be ups and downs but the most amazing thing I have ever heard was "Jordi you don't have to live out of a suitcase,you don't have to be afraid to get comfortable because no matter what happens we will get over it, nothing will make us make you leave, this is your home." I wanted to cry.
They have kids, Misti works with kids everyday so unlike me living with someone that has never raised kids Misti and Will have two teenagers and an 11. So I know she isn't lying. Which everytime I think about it I get excited.

So now everyone is caught up. Sorry it took so long. Hope everyone is doing well. Oh yea We are going to playoffs for volleyball!! November the 3rd and guess what else thats 3 days before my 17th birthday!!

Thursday, August 27, 2009


Hey how is everyone? Im doing pretty good! School just started its going pretty good. Volleyball is consuming me right now. I would post a scheduale but I dont have one with me right now. Well have to go. Bye!

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Root Canal and Volleyball Camp!

Well Tuesday I had a root canal and Wed. I left for volleyball camp! I was so scared! But it ended up pretty good. It still hurts! But besides that its pretty good. I met some awesome people! And took some relationships deeper, got really sore, but I think it will pay off!! Two camps down and three more to go!! How is everyone? What is up?


Monday, July 13, 2009

The Best Is Yet To Come!!

Oh have I learned just how true the title of today's blog could be! Wow! Today I am going to tell you all of my amazing time at camp, but trust me it did not start off great and it really didn't get great up until about the middle. Let me just tell you! I'm just telling you now that this is going to be long because this is the only time I have because I am about to be sarting volleyball and I wont have time so here is all of it!

Day before camp: Jordi was not really wanting to go. Something not very normal.

1st Day of camp: Jordi still wasn't feeling it. Bus ride. boring. got there got put into a room that I knew would not be good at all. How could I be feeling so negative, I know I am but it usually stopped once I got to camp, at least a little. I didn't really know why I was feeling this way but with days to follow I found out exactly way.

1st Night: Preacher was AMAZING! He told us that if we needed to pray with an intern to just go and ask one of them to. So I looked around and found someone that I thought I wouldn't ever talk to again. I say this because I really didnt want to talk to her anymore because I was scared to get close with her and know that I would have to leave her and that I wouldn't be able to talk with her ever again. (I learned this later that night) So we prayed she told me that I could come talk to her whenever I wanted, but right then I told myself that I would never talk to her again just so that I wouldnt have to leave someone that meant alot about me because that is what happened every year at camp so this year I wouldnt have it, that's why I was so negative towards everything and everyone. Well after the service we had an hour of free time and then we went of to a thing called "Hall Meeting" I didnt know what that was or what it was for so I was like "ok cool." Well when I got there I was not "ok cool" anymore! The person I prayed with earlier that night name was Jenna. Guess who was one of the 3 interns that was talking to us? JENNA!! I sceamed on the inside! But then they were saying something about they share the top floor and each one goes to a different set of rooms so I thought to myself "there is no way that Jenna would end up being mine" UNTIL I heard "I'm Jenna and my rooms are 223-225" Try to take a guess what room I was in? Guess yet? 223!!! My heart sank! I almost had a heartattack! I said God why? Its just going to make me get close with here and then us leave and she going out of my life just like almost every other person has. I was so scared of losing someone again because it has happened so many times that I was being selfish. How could I act like that? Well that night she came in our room and talked had a good time, I was still keeping my distance. Night over! Good!

Day 2: Good day. Won all of our nation games!

2nd Night: Lets just say that by the 3rd night we were know to Jenna and all the other Interns as "THE ROOM" Oh my! we fought so much! Like really! About everything! Worship was awesome! Went back to the room and we all started to talk and what not. Well our talk ended up in a huge arguement, as usual! That night Jenna came and talk to us and we had all heard that her testimony was AMAZING so we asked her to share, since one of the girls went to sleep due to our argument. We wanted to keep the attention off us and why she was asleep so we asked her to do all the talking. She did, it was awesome. She has been through so much and has come so far and I hope to be able to do what she does some day. Night done.

Day 3: Great!! Won all games that day too!! Ad we played against Jenna's team, so I was determined to win! We did!! Sometime during this day I went and talked to Jenna and told her about the way I feel and why and that kind of stuff.

Night 3: Jordi was not into worship at all. like really I didn't sing one word to a song or listen to one word of the message. Its bad I know. Even after the message we sang and I still didn't. What was wrong I really dont know. Perhaps it were the devil because I think he knew that then would be the last time he could mess with me because something happened that night that has changed my life! Let me explain. I was just standing there right, looking like somehing was wrong, because EVERYONE was worshipping, you know how there are those nights at camp when the worship is just AMAZING like God is so present? Well that was that night. But Jordi was so not feeling it. Now I really dont know if Jenna was coming to talk with me or if she just ended up RIGHT next me on accident, but I have learned that God doesnt have accidents, beause Jenna ended up at the right place at the right time. She looked at me I looked at her hen turned away so she goes "Jordi what's wrong?" Jordi and her normal answer says "nothing" well Jenna doesn't take that answer and again "Jordi what's wrong?" Jordi: Nothing Jenna! hen she just looks right at me and says "Jordi can I hug you?" "sure Jenna" *hug* then she starts praying for me as she is doing so I just feel this amazing prescence kind of like this powerful overwhelming feeling that I cant control and I start crying at first it was a little but then I started hearing the things she was saying like "God let Jordi feel like she belongs take all those lonely feelings from her" and I just started sobbing,and shaking I could hardly stand. God was right there, he was holding me and telling me that everything was going to be ok and that I was now free from all those emotions and lies and all those times I had been let down were in the past and it wouldnt happen again. Its was te most amazing feeling ever! After she was done she looked at me and said "Jordi your free!" I said "I am" and from then on all I could do was smile. I know I do that alot but this was real, this wasnt me trying to hide all the pain and confusion in my life, this was real. Went back to my room smiling the whole way. Everyone else went and got something to eat but I just wanted to stay and have some alone time. So I did. I was ready for change like right then but later that night I realized it wasnt going to be that easy. Remember all that arguing I told you about? Yea well it got out of control that night and me and the preacher's daughter let it out. She hit me first. I'm serious. So I simply hit her. Its so funny because now when we all talk about it we dont care that it happened but everyone in my room just didnt want to upset Jenna. Its so funny. Well about 10 mintues later an intern came in to look for Jenna but she wasnt in there so we told her to tell her to hurry and come because we got in a fist fight. Well about an hour later Jenna comes in I was sitting on the couch(my bed) and everyone else was in the room. So I told Jenna and she went in the room and was kinda like yelling for everyone to get in the livingroom so we did, we talked it out and then Jenna started to talk like serious talk. She starts saying something about Jordi and what I expeienced earlier that night and she asked if I wanted to share or if I wanted her to, so I told her that she could. And boy didnt she. The whole time she looked at me in the eye and was telling everyone what happened and why I feel and act the way I do. She started crying and I was crying it was just awesome to know that she cared about me like that, enough to cry. She went around and talked to everyone and by time she was down it was 4 o'clock in the morning!! I have never stayed up that late in my life! She left and we decided to stay up all night, ha I didnt I went to sleep for like an hour or two.

Day 4: We got KILLED in nation games! It was horrible. Our girl leader was sick and she was the main person that pumped us up.

Night 4:
Pretty Good. It was so funny we all said that we were are going stay up all night because it was our last night, HA that didnt happen. Everyone was in the livingroom all over the floor and just everywhere! Jenna knocks on the door, I'm the only one that woke up and I was delusional. She came in and started lauhing because everyone was all over the place and I was delusional. So I woke everyone up and we all moved to the room. Everone feel back asleep except my friend Marybeth and me, we begged Jenna to stay but she couldnt, she was tired, and I didnt blame her, she stayed talking to us all night the night before, so we let her leave even though I really didnt want to. It was our last night! She left. And for some odd reason when she left everyone woke up. WE only stayed up for a little while.

Day 5: Last day:( Of all the nations my nation New Zealand we got second to last. I was upset but getting beat so bad and losing lke that really did help me. Me being so competitive really changed. Now I'm just thankful that I'm able to even play sports or even be at that camp. I went and talked to Jenna and we both agreed that we wouldnt cry when I left. Its was so hard. I just smiled the whole time. Marybeth said "watch Jordi you will cry right when we get on the bus!" "NO I WONT!" WHATEVER We hadn't even left the parking lot and I was balling!

Good ride.
Got to the church and Geri and Jason picked me up in my new car!! 2009 Nissan Versa!

The best is yet to come!!

I didn't think it could get any better. I sent Jenna a friend request on facebook, and the very next moning she accepted me!! I know this sounds retarted but I started crying!! I didn't think I would get to talk to her but I did and have and still am!!

Ok please don't think I am obssesed with this girl because every time me and any of the girls from my room get togther they say something about her, its not me! We have also decided that we are all going to have a weekly bible study or game night. We have also all agreed that it woudnt of been possible without her. So I dedicate this whole post to her.

Oh and for everyone to know I feel that God is calling me to be a missionary and to go to CFNI which is Christ For The Nations Institute, which is where Youth For the Nations Church Camp is hosted every year. I'm so serious that I have already told Geri and Jason and I never talk to them about School, God, or the future.

Well I leave for Blinn Volleyball camp Wed. and the whole next week I have Nederland Volleyball Camp and the next I have Lamar Volleyball Camp, and the next Lamar Baketball Camp, and then the next we start 2-a-days for Volleyball, and every single weekend in August I have a Volleyball Tournament! So yea my summer is over! Thank you all for reading. I know its long but I feel like you should know everything!

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