Saturday, October 24, 2009

God is so Awesome

Hey I'm so sorry I haven't got to post in a while. Alot has been going on, andwhen I say alot I mean it. First I'm no longer living with my "brother" better yet that family doesn't even have custody of me anymore as of FRIDAY THE 23 OF OCTOBER!g!! Long story short, my brother left bruies on me the school saw them called CPS, CPS came and they also talked to Jason so he was mad so I basically "ran away" I had a pricipal even tell me that would be the best thingto do. I mean I didnt go to the middle of no where,I was safe, my coach wanted me to leave also because Jason has taken me and dropped me off in Port Arthur before so I know that it could happen, and I heard him say something about it. So needless to say I left while they werent there. So I have this girl that I play volleyball will that has a aunt that is a lawyer. I talked with her for a while that night, I thought it would be over till at least the next day but it wasn't. Jason somehow got the number to where I was and he tried to get the address but we wouldnt give it to him. We ended up at the police station and lets just say it was by far the worst night of my life. We stayed there 3:00 in the morning! I heard some crazy stuff that night, lets see, first Jason and John tried sending me to jail, then I said I needed to go to a mental hospital, and just alot of other crazy things. Now we are going to skip forward.....than night ended I didn't have to go with them (all thanks to the lawyer)

Ok I my mom has a sister named Vickie, therefor she is my Aunt and her daughter would be my cousin. Few days went by lots of CPS and talking to random people I dont know and I finally get told that I am going to be staying with my Cousins Misti and Will Beasley. So I do. Finally October 23 the day for court comes and Misti and Will are granted custody and my car and the rest of my checks, the only bad thing that happened is that Jason and Geri claim that there is NOTHING left of the 20,000 dollar check. I don't beleive it, no one does but its all good, I'm grateful that I get to live with this amazing family that supports me and isn't afraid to say I love you but the biggest thing for me is they treat me like family.

For once in my life I feel like I belong. I have longed so much for this feeling and for it to finally feel right is the most amazing thing that has ever happened to me. I know life isnt always going to be just perfect here and there will be ups and downs but the most amazing thing I have ever heard was "Jordi you don't have to live out of a suitcase,you don't have to be afraid to get comfortable because no matter what happens we will get over it, nothing will make us make you leave, this is your home." I wanted to cry.
They have kids, Misti works with kids everyday so unlike me living with someone that has never raised kids Misti and Will have two teenagers and an 11. So I know she isn't lying. Which everytime I think about it I get excited.

So now everyone is caught up. Sorry it took so long. Hope everyone is doing well. Oh yea We are going to playoffs for volleyball!! November the 3rd and guess what else thats 3 days before my 17th birthday!!

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Michael Paine said...

I am so glad to hear you are out of the situation you were in and into a HOME! you deserve it! Love you girl and your hair looks so beautiful strait!!!

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